Moisture Cure Rubber

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Waterproofs in temperatures as low as 5°C, and is ready for rain in just 1-3 hours.



Tired of unreliable liquid rubber systems or weak wait-till-spring solutions? Your fibreglass roof deserves better. This system is a fast to cure, year-round rubber that can withstand pools of ponding water, perfect for flatroof repairs.

This tough rubber is the latest development from ProGuard, who created the ever popular Liquid Rubber EPDM. The same expertise and coating experience went into making Moisture Cure Rubber highly durable, flexible and UV stable. A winning combination for a long life coating.

  • Incredible strength = watertight confidence.
  • Perfect for short weather windows because of a super-fast cures time of just 1-3 hours, so conditions are not an issue
  • Year round repair due to an ability to cure in temperatures as low as 5ºC
  • No contractor fees with a quick and easy DIY application you can do at your leisure
  • Overcomes GRP roof problems with special moisture curing abilities, so unlike other coatings you can apply straight on damp – crucial for concrete
  • Highly versatile, apply to virtually any surface and can be combined with Moisture Cure Primer where required


Moisture Cure provides a faster alternative to other rubber coatings, while still giving you the same durable protection. As it can withstand ponding water, it’s ideal for waterproofing vulnerable seams, joints and upstands in flat roofs, as well as the main roof itself. Check out the video below of a Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber in action:

Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber is a year round coating that has the weatherproofing British buildings need, with the easy application of a DIY product. Imagine your roof sealed completely ASAP no matter the time of year. Fully cured in just 1-3 hours so you’re ready for the heaviest of rainfall by the end of the day.



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No More Back-Breaking Multiple Layers Or Money Wasted On Unnecessary Materials
Moisture Cure outperforms most other rubbers by giving you a highly durable watertight seal in a single no-fuss application.

Perfect for weatherproofing fibreglass roofs for years to come.

Application is easy.

1) Completely clean and dry the roof and use a biocide such as ISO A-Clean.

2) Measure and mark out the roof to get the correct coverage. This ensures you have the right amount of material for the area. Take the coverage rate and work out how much your roof size, or each section of your roof will need. Alternatively, if you have a one gallon of Moisture Cure, you can mark out 4-5m², depending on the roughness of your surface.

3) Mix in the catalyst.

4) Pour onto roof and use a squeegee to distribute the material. Follow this with a roller to get a smooth and even finish.

5) Sit back and enjoy the confidence that comes with a Moisture Cure rubber roof.