ISO Metal Primer WB

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A water-based anti-corrosion primer.



ISO Metal Primer WB is a water-based anti-corrosion primer, it contains anti-corrosion pigments such as Zinc Phosphate. Metal Primer WB is a unique product that has the following properties:

  • Good ashesion to steel, prepainted steel sheets etc..
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Fast drying
  • Rapid water resistance – after about 4 hours’ drying at 20 °C
  • Can be treated with water-based paints such as Isonit roof coating and solvent based-coatings such as Metal Topcoat.

Metal Primer WB can be used on steel sheets and steel prepainted facade sheets (such as plastisol-coated sheets). The product can be used to prime steel for general indoor and outdoor use.


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