ISOnit Roof Tile Paint

£118.85 (inc. VAT)

Trusted roof tile paint from the ISO Paint Nordic range. Easy to apply, fantastic finish and protection. Comes in 20 L tubs. 1 tub covers approx 60m2 in two coats.

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From the Danish company, Iso Paint Nordic, that cares about the environment but won’t compromise on quality. Straightforward top quality cladding paint using the latest technology with no sales gimmicks and when you compare costs with quality, we don’t believe you can do better than Isonit. Prime first then just apply.

  • Extend roof and cladding life by up to 15 years, probably preventing future issues
  • Protects the surface against wind and the rain, while rejuvenating it with a bright colour
  • Smooth to spray due to being water based and passing strict quality controls
  • UV stable, so won’t break down after relentless sun exposure
  • Has the flexibility to remain durable in extreme temperatures
  • Breathable, leading to a dry and healthy roof

Isonit Roof Coating is based on nanopolyurethane optimised acrylic polymers which show lasting flexibility, water repellency, breathability, UV-resistance and fast drying. Isonit is easy to apply, has good adhesion to the surface and provides your cladding with a like-new look for years to come.

Products Specifications
Suitable forMetal cladding, roof tiles
ApplicationBrush, roller or spray