ISOnit Roof Paint

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Large range of colours to protect and enhance tiled roofs. Excellent adhesion and long lasting using nano technology. This tried and trusted brand will make sure your roof tiles stand the test of time and weather.

Available in 13 colours, in 20L tins.

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From the Danish company, Iso Paint Nordic, that cares about the environment but won’t compromise on quality. Straightforward top quality roof tile paint using the latest technology with no sales gimmicks and when you compare costs with quality, we don’t believe you can do better than Isonit Roof Tile Paint. It is a water dilutable roof coating with a high covering strength and a short drying time. The coating is breathable (diffusion-open) and creates a water-repellent surface.

  • Extend roof life by up to 15 years, probably preventing future roof issues
  • Protects the roof against wind and the rain, while rejuvenating it with a bright colour
  • Smooth to spray due to being water based and passing strict quality controls
  • UV stable, so won’t break down after relentless sun exposure
  • Has the flexibility to remain durable in extreme temperatures
  • Breathable, leading to a dry and healthy roof

Isonit Roof Coating is based on nanopolyurethane optimised acrylic polymers which show lasting flexibility, water repellency, breathability, UV-resistance and fast drying. Isonit is easy to apply, has good adhesion to the surface and provides your roof with a like-new look for years to come.

Products Specifications
Colour Multiple
Suitable for Roof painting and asbestos roof repair
Coverage 3-6m²/L
Application Brush, roller or spray

Isonit is used for concrete roof tiles, fibre cement and fibre cement slates (primed with Eternit Primer), primed steel roofs. Not usable on clay tiles and natural slate.


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Isonit Roof Paint Certifications
Adhesive strength according to DIN EN ISO 4624 – assessed as very good
Elongation at tear / Tensile strength according to DIN 53 504 – assessed as highly elastic,
197% Water vapour permeability according to DIN EN ISO 7783-2 – assessed as very good
Water permeability according to DIN EN ISO 1062-3 – assessed as good
Short and outdoor weathering exposure according to DIN EN ISO 4892-3, DIN 53 166 and DIN EN ISO 2810 – No change in durability and negligible changes in shine and colour. – assessed as very good
Resistance against flying embers, sparks and radiating heat in accordance to DIN 4102 Part 7 – assessed as ok
Has passed the weather test against sun, cold, rain and wind with ISO 11341- A:2004 – Estimated to be very flexible

Isonit Roof Paint Application
Before using Isonit the surface must be cleaned using Iso A-Clean and a low pressure water cleaner.

If the surface is in poor condition it is necessary to use Isonit Construction as a primer to rebuild it before painting. The roof must be dry and the weather stable without any forecast of rain or showers.

Isonit is applied in 2 steps

1. layer diluted with up to 20% water
2. layer undiluted.

After 1-6 hours, the second application can be made, depending on temperature and humidity.

Isonit roof coatings can be used on roofs of cement, fibre cement , steel plates, rust protected steel. and concrete tiles.

If you require further recommendations please call 01453 872850.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatability of product and surface.

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Weathering is influenced by different factors:-

Physical Factors:
such as insulation (heat), cold (frost), rain and dew, wind and dust

Chemical Factors:
such as air pollution, smoke, exhaust gases (acids and salts), as well as organic materials and ozone

Biological Factors:
such as plants (mosses, fungi, lichens), animals (insects) and micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses) . To give a roof lasting protection, it needs the right roof coating material.

The Most Important Properties Of A Good Roof Coating Are:
1: Lasting Flexibility / Elongation At Tear / Tensile Strength
These properties are very important so that the material can expand in heat and cold. All Iso Paint roof coatings are based on 100% pure acrylate. This binder has lasting flexibility.

In Europe it is unfortunate that 70% of the roof coatings are made of “Styrene Acrylate.” Styrene acrylate contains the softener thalate. Thalates can not only be carcinogenic but are also leached out after 3-4 years. The styrene acrylate then turns hard and inflexible. That is why styrene acrylates are totally unsuitable for roof coatings. One should only use these for façade or internal coats of paint as they are not subject to high loads there.

The ISONIT roof coating with its elongation at tear of 197% was rated as HIGHLY ELASTIC.

2: Water Permeability / Water Absorption
The material for roof coatings should be water repellent so that water can run off and does not soak into the coating material. Because: if a roof coating absorbs too much water, you will have the ideal basis for algae and fungi. These then damage the stability of the roof foundation and at the same time accelerate the weathering process.

If 100 grams “ISONIT Roof Coating” is placed in a water basin for 24 hours, the paint absorbs 5 grams of water = 5% water absorption!

If 100 grams “Normal Roof Coating” is placed in a water basin for 24 hours, the paint absorbs 25 grams of water = 25% water absorption!

3: Adhesive Strength
The material for roof coatings should be able to adhere to many types of bases, because good and long-lasting adherence means long durability.

4: UV And Weather Resistance
The material for roof coatings should be UV and weather resistant so that the roof looks good and receives long-term protection against weathering influences.

Outdoor weathering tests with ISONIT roof coatings show: Even after 2 years in Magdeburg’s industrial climate, there are no changes to the durability and only low to negligible changes are visible in the decorative properties.

5: Water Vapour Permeability / Breathing Activity
The material for roof coatings should be capable of transporting moisture from the inside to the outside. If this is not the case, it may result in infections with fungi and/or moulds which is very damaging for the roof construction.

The ISONIT roof coating is highly pigmented with iron oxide colour pigments. These ensure a superior covering power so that 20% less paint is required on average than with “Normal Roof Coatings.” On average 0.4 – 0.5 ml/m2 is used with concrete shingles and 0.3 – 0.4 ml/ m2 with fibre cement.

To achieve adequate covering power, you need to use 0.8 – 0.9 ml/ m2 paint with a “Normal Roof Coating.” This of course has an influence on the breathing ability of the roof.