ISOnit Eternit Primer

£130.32 (inc. VAT)

A specialist primer to be used on old and new roofs or cladding. Sold in 10L tubs


Eternit Primer is a specialist primer, which can be used on old and new roofs or cladding. It will stabilise the original material, fill microscopic holes in the cleaned surface, encapsulate the fibres which may have become exposed after the cleaning process and has very good adhesion and penetration. To be used on fibre cement tiles and asbestos roofing sheets.

Eternit Primer gives a uniform low gloss surface. It is produced in red brow and allows you to overcoat with all standard colours. The product is resistant against moisture, water and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C and binds to flaking substrates.

Available in 10L tubs, coverage approximately 60m2 per tub


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Eternit Primer is ready straight from the container and should always be used without diluting. After applying you can top coat with standard Isonit roof coating or Iso rubber.

Use on cleaned surfaces. The substrate must be dry before painting, which is essential for eternit primer to penetrate into the asbestos cement roof material. Use eternit primer undiluted, it can be applied with an airless spray, brush or roller.

Remember: stable weather conditions, without rain are needed during the application process.

Colours: Red Brown

Spreading rate:4-8 sq m/ltr.

Thinning: No

Drying time: 1 hour at 20°C and mac 60% R.H.

Application: Spray, roller, brush

Application tempreture: Min. 5 °C

Density: 1,10 g/ml

Drying matter: Approx 34%

Cleaning tools: Water

Storage: Cool, dry free from frost.

VOC: Max 30 g/ltr