ISO Rubber

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A great budget option that is a water based liquid rubber. Comes in 20L tin.

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An excellent budget option for a liquid rubber coating on roofs in reasonable condition. Including fibre cement, asbestos cement, concrete, tiles, plaster, roofing felts, steel, wood etc.

It is an extremely versatile products that not only protects against growth of fungi, algae and lichens, but is also UV stable and has an elasticity of up to 700% even at -20.

Use with the Eternit Primer.


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ISO rubber roof coating must be applied to a clean and dry surface. It is important to apply plenty of material, especially on very poor or leaky surfaces. Very poor surfaces might benefit from establishing a reinforcing fleece in the coating and afterwards apply 1 or 2 more coats. Remember, the first layer must be dry before applying the second. The best result for applying rubber roof coating is by spraying.

In closed areas, with bad or no ventilation, it is recommended to ensure ventilation for every 30-40m2.

Recommended: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of the products and surface.

Colours: Anthracite grey, Light grey

Cleaning: Water

Drying time: 1-2 hours by 20 degrees and 60% RH (depending on thickness)

Re-printable: 12-24 hours (depending on thickness)

Application conditions: Temperature must be 5 degrees -30 degrees and max 80% RH.

Application method: Brush, roller or airless spray.

Storage: Cool, but free of frost in closed containers and out.

Composition: Special Polymer, UV stable pigments and agents for preservation.

Gloss: 5-10

Density: Approx 1.3g/ml

Dry content: Appr. 65W/w% and 50 w/v%

Spreading rate: Appr. 3 m2/(depending on thickness)

Dilution: max. 20% water

VOC: max. 40g/l(Cat. A/c)