HydroBlock WB

£11.81£218.66 (inc. VAT)

Prevent penetrating damp. Have waterproof and self-cleaning substrates with this invisible treatment.

The ultimate combination of cost-effective waterproofing and long lasting results for your brickwork and masonry. Have drier walls and roofs after just a single treatment and enjoy these benefits for years to come.  HydroBlock WB gives you the best of both worlds by providing breathable long term weatherproofing at an astonishingly low cost per meter.

  • Penetrating damp treatment that turns your wet walls into dry and healthy surfaces
  • Cost effective longevity means you get years of protection from a single low cost application
  • Invisible treatment that enhances the original colour and look of your building
  • Easy DIY or professional so you can stick to a budget and timeline that suits you
  • Healthy breathability, means that unlike other damp treatments, trapped mositure vapour can escape — crucial for the long term health of a building
  • Reduce energy bills by getting drier and healthier walls that keep heat in
  • Bestselling heritage — created by ISO Paint, whose highly reliable products have made them market leaders across Europe
  • Prevent frost damage by keeping harmful amounts of water out of your brickwork

More than a mere brick sealant. HydroBlock penetrates deep into the surface and so provides long term protection. After a simple application your walls are safe from penetrating damp and frost damage. No more ugly cracks caused by rain penetration and freezing.

On top of that, your property appears brighter, cleaner and healthier. Self-cleaning walls mean dirt and grime won’t build up as easily, and rainwater is used to wash the surface rather than damage it. Less cleaning from you, and you still get brighter walls.

Damp wall treatment and better energy efficiency

Waterproofing gives you numerous benefits. A dry healthy wall keeps heat where it’s meant to be, reducing your energy bills.

A wet wall can release twice as much heat as a dry one. By keeping your walls dry, HydroBlock lowers the thermal conductivity of your walls, meaning heat stays where you want it to, and you save money on your energy bills. As a breathable treatment, HydroBlock allows harmless amounts of moisture to escape while preventing excess rain from getting in.

From the sealant experts, ISO Paint

HydroBlock is among the most advanced penetrating damp treatments produced by the experts, ISO Paint. There’s a reason why these guys are market leaders in the competitive coating markets of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. They’ve been developing coatings and paints that have shaped the industry for decades, and have had huge success all over Europe. And their range is now available to you.

Got marble or granite surfaces? You can get HydroBlock as a solvent based version for use on hard minerals.

HydroBlock is based on the latest nano-technology. Here’s the science: A chemical composition of siloxanes with free reactive groups enables HydroBlock to actively bond to mineral surfaces such as concrete, brick and stone and protects against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and others. That’s how it’s so much more effective than the average brick sealant.

1L, 5L or 25L
3m2 – 5m2/L
Can be applied with brush, roller or sprayed. Only 1 coat required.
Drying time: 1 – 6 hours depending on temperature and humidity-  1 hour at 20° C and 60 % of

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