Fast Curing Metal – 20 year system

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A long lasting rapid curing Liquid Gutter system with 20 year life span.

This system allows for the entire gutter to be fully reinforced with Glassmat and an extra thick coat of LiquidGutter for extra strength and longevity. Designed for new or cleaned back to bright metal substrates, the system does not require a primer so is very quick and easy to apply.

“We’ve used LiquidGutter many times now and we’ve found it to be a really reliable leak stopper. It’s tough and straightforward to apply. The team are always friendly and helpful and delivery times are great.’

-Paul, Gutter Gremlin Ltd.


Our fast curing 20 year system uses LiquidGutter, a highly durable, fast curing liquid MMA (Methyl methacrylate). It can be used without a primer when applied to bright metal.

Our handy kits come in different life spans depending on the quantity and application method used. This system includes two coats of Liquidgutter and reinforcing fabric for added longevity.

No more waiting for warmer weather or putting up with weak gutter systems. Liquid Gutter does the impossible by sealing your gutters in freezing conditions and giving you long term confidence.

  • With a minimum application temperature of just 5ºC, our Liquid Gutter can be applied any time of year
  • Short weather window suitable, with just a 30 minute cure time LiquidGutter can start and finish the job in record time
  • Cost effective longevity, with a single application
  • Minimise material cost by cutting unnecessary extras that inferior systems need
  • Save time and money by going straight over the old gutter system and avoiding gutter replacement
  • Easy to match colour in the form of a medium grey
  • Single coat system means no back breaking multiple layers

Liquid Gutter can be applied to metal, concrete, timber, plastic, asbestos and PVC lined gutters.

Products Specifications
Colour Grey
Suitable for Gutter repair
Longevity 10, 15 and 20 years
Coverage 1.25-2kg/m²
Application Brush and roller on


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