EPDM Liquid Roof

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The best in vehicle roof sealant. A liquid rubber EPDM that’s easy to apply in your own drive and will protect and restore your vehicle roof.

I must say this stuff is great. Your liquid roof is FANTASTIC!


Head away anywhere and at anytime, and never worry about roof leaks – no matter what the weather throws at you.

  • Complete confidence in a watertight finish with this tried and tested liquid rubber, trusted worldwide
  • Instantly seal leaks without even leaving your driveway
  • Quick and easy DIY application, saving you time and money
  • Unique liquid EPDM, outperforming standard acrylic or elastomeric coatings
  • High flexibility, so can handle years of vehicle movement without fear of leaks
  • Single coat application and immediate waterproofing, so you’re back on the road ASAP
  • Keep your beloved vehicle for longer by extending roof life and keeping the insides dry
  • Forms a tough and seamless membrane, one that easily withstands ponding water

If you need a primer

If your vehicle roof is particularly old or uneven in places it is recommended you prime first. Proguard Proflex Primer is the primer part of the Liquid Roof products range. The product great for priming before a coating in all sorts of situations. There is as also a version with ground rubber added to help level out rough surfaces before coating. Ring for details on this version.

EPDM Liquid Roof is designed to seal your vehicle’s roof quickly, easily and for years to come. A single application is all that’s needed and then you’re ready for miles of leak-free adventuring. Plus you can cut expensive garage labour fees out, and usually not even have to leave the driveway.

“I was going to install a regular rubber roof when I saw your product. It would save a lot of work. I ordered a gallon to try and your product was just what you said it was. It went on easy with the squeegee and evened itself to a beautiful coating. It looks and feels like it will last a long time. I am ordering a second gallon to finish the job.”  – Bernie P.

Why Use Liquid Roof?

EPDM Liquid Roof is no ordinary caravan/motorhome sealant. It’s success is due to a premium quality chemical design. Unlike the normal acrylic elastomeric coatings, which are vulnerable to fail in sudden showers or freezing temperatures, Liquid Roof is the liquid form of the highly durable EPDM rubber.

That means Liquid Roof has the same advanced weatherproofing benefits that made EPDM sheets a worldwide feature in the roofing industry. Highly flexible, incredibly durable, UV and extreme temperature resistant, EPDM is backed up by decades of trusted roof waterproofing by thousands of professionals. You get all of these unique sealant benefits with Liquid Roof, but with an easier to apply and seamless liquid form. This means that next time your roof is drumming with heavy rain, you can sit back and relax, knowing Liquid Roof has completely sealed any leaks.

Not just for caravan/motorhome roof repair. A premium chemical make up makes Liquid Roof a versatile sealant, ready to stop leaks in numerous surfaces, including: caravan and motorhome roofs, large RV vehicles, mobile homes, house boats, narrowboats and much more.

NOTE: If you are sealing your roof at temperatures below 12 Degrees C, you might want to look at our Winter Caravan and Motor Home Roof Repair

NB: This product can only be applied at temperatures over 12C. For colder temperatures use Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber, also by ProGuard.
Quart,  Gallon (US)
0.97 sqm per quart
One gallon will cover 3.9sqm
Colour: Creamy white
Get the surface clean and dry. Mix in the catalyst. If you want a clean edge you can use masking tape on the edges and remove as soon as the coating starts to become tacky. Apply with brush, roller or squeegee. If you’re using butyl repair tape for any tears or to reinforce, stick the tape down first then continue to coat the roof as above.
Drying Times:
The surface area must be 12c or above. At these temperatures the coating should skin over in a few hours and be touch dry over night then completely cured after a week. It is completely waterproof immediately after application but if rained on the raindrops may leave small indentations.


Designed for DIY use, we’ve made it quick and easy to seal all your leaks today.

1) Work out how much Liquid Roof you need
First off you need to get enough to cover your roof. 1 US gallon will cover 3.70 to 3.90 m2

caravan motorhome roof repair caravan shower tray repair


2) Prepare your caravan or motor home roof surface
Once you’ve got enough Liquid Roof to keep you waterproof, it’s time to prepare the roof so it can adhere to your vehicle for years to come. As with many DIY projects, the key to a great finish is proper preparation in the first place.

The surface should be dry, clean and structurally sound
Use solvent to remove any oil or wax
Fasten any loose areas with an adhesive
Remove brittle caulk and loose portions of existing coatings with a scraper or wire brush
Wire brush rusty or pitted metal to remove any loose parts. Don’t worry, you can put Liquid Roof on well adhered rust
Remove any silicone
Remove asphalt based aluminium coatings with a wire brush.

Small gaps can be covered with butyl tape, then Liquid Roof can be applied directly on top.

Holes can be repaired with SpeedPatch, which can be cut to size on the roof. Sand this down to improve the adhesion of the Liquid Roof. For rough surfaces, use the UV Curing primer to prepare the surface before applying the SpeedPatch.

Small tears can be treated with butyl tape.

Temperature and cure conditions
The surface temperature must be between 12C and 26C. At these temperatures the rubber should be touch dry overnight and completely cured after about a week. If it is colder you can use Moisture Cure instead.
Liquid Roof must be exposed to air
Liquid Roof is completely waterproof immediately after application and can withstand rain showers or pooling water before it has cured
3) Mix in the catalyst
This will begin the cure process, turning the liquid rubber into a seamless and flexible membrane that prevents any leaks.

Here’s where you’ll need your drill and a mixer. For US quarts and gallons a 9″ mixer is ideal. And for 5 US gallons, a 80mm mixer makes for a perfect fit.

Mix the rubber in the container for a round a minute, until the mixture is moving uniformally
Now angle the mixer and position toward the centre of the can, creating a vortex
Add the catalyst
Move the mixer up and down in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes until everything is completely mixed
4) Apply Liquid Roof
get out your brush, roller or squeegee (preferably all 3).

For flat surfaces, tip the material straight from the tin into a S like pattern onto the roof
Spread this evenly with the squeegee
Follow this up with the roller which will press air out of the cracks and result in an even film. Working time will be around 4 – 6 hours, depending on temperature. A single application is all that’s required
Apply by brush around flashings and edges, using long and smooth strokes


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