Edge Armour

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A high performance and easy to apply cut edge corrosion protection system.

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Forget back breaking multiple layers and slow to cure systems and stop corrosion quickly, easily and with long term results.

  • Super fast waterproofing, rapid curing method means system is cured and ready for rain in under an hour
  • Year round solution, apply in temperatures as low as -5°C, perfect for short weather windows
  • Save time and material cost with this highly durable single coat system
  • 10 or 15 year systems, dependent on coverage, so you can get the longevity you want
  • Absolute minimum preparation, far quicker than most cut edge corrosion systems
  • Light and Dark Grey available so you can match the shade for your property
Finally, A Single Coat Year Round Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

The two potential disasters of treating cut edge corrosion are 1) multiple layers dragging the project down to a snail’s pace, and 2) short weather windows wrecking coatings or even your chance at getting them down.

EdgeArmour overcomes these problems with ease. High durability mean one coat is enough, with no primer needed in most circumstances. And a rapid curing ability means the job is as quick as possible. The coating may be fully cured before you’ve even got to the bottom of your ladder.

This means you can now get the job done when you need to most, despite freezing conditions and clouds on their way. On top of that EdgeArmour allows you to cut a job down to size, with a far faster application time than other CEC solutions.

You get the repair you need, with an application that’s as quick and as easy as possible. The perfect combination for treating cut edge corrosion.

Products Specifications
Suitable forMetal roof repair
Longevity10 and 15 years
ApplicationBrush and roller on
Application temperatures-5ºC – 40ºC

Fast And Durable Cut Edge Corrosion System
Substrate Preparation

Environmental Conditions

No application should proceed during inclement weather or if this could occur within 20 minutes of application. The substrate must be free from ice, frost and any contamination.

Masking Preparation

Peel and cut back any loose plastisol coating, and where required sand back to a feathered edge. Mask off the outside top and bottom edges to 100mm beyond the highest and lowest affected points of the damaged sheet.

Edge Armour Application

Edge Armour is an MMA based rapid cure system that will usually cure within 30 minutes of mixing in the catalyst. Stir contents of unit for 30 seconds, then add the pre-weighed catalyst and mix for a further 30 seconds. Apply with Alltimes Coatings Rollers or Rapid Applicator Brush. Gridding the area is recommended to ensure coverage is achieved and to avoid wastage.

Edge Armour Coverage Rates

Edge Armour 10 Year – nominal coverage 1.5kg/m2

Edge Armour 15 Year – nominal coverage 1.75kg/m2

Cleaning: All tools and equipment should be cleaned before the material is allowed to cure. Clean using AT Tool Cleaner.


Light foot traffic: 2 hours @ 20°C

Full chemical resistance: 24 hours @ 20°C

Colours: Edge Armour is available in White, Light, Medium and Dark Grey.

Storage: Store in dry, cool conditions, preferably at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C.


Edge Armour – 2.5kg & 5kg units

AT Glassmat 100 – 250mm x 20m

For further information please refer to: CE Certificate, Data Sheet, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Drying times can be effected by Temperature, Lack of air flow, ponded water or application coverage, please apply within the above parameters.

All products should be sold in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No responsibility can be taken by the manufacturers where conditions of use are beyond our control.

Edge Armour

Cut Edge Corrosion Coating System
Edge Armour is a fast curing two part cut edge corrosion repair system that has been designed to be applied wet on wet. This system cures in 30 minutes and requires very little preparation.


Wet on wet application

Massively reduced preparation time compared to other CEC treatments

No primer needed

Cures in 30 minutes (in normal working conditions)

Self terminates

Crack bridge up to 10mm when fully matted

Excellent chemical resistance

Anti-slump system

Typical Physical And Performance Data

Coloured liquid


Standard colours: Light, Med and Dark Grey

Pack Size

2.5kg & 5kg

Shelf Life

6 Months (if stored in accordance with

manufacturers instruction

Pot life @ 20°C

20 minutes (once mixed)

Pot life @ 10°C

30 minutes (once mixed)

Application temperature limits

5 – 40°C (deck temperature)

Do not apply to damp substrates.