SuperArmour Crystal Clear

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Completely clear waterproof coating for glass and clear plastics.

Perfect for caravan and motorhome skylights and translucent roofs on trucks and lorries.

SuperArmour Crystal Clear was specifically formulated to waterproof glass and clear plastics such as skylights, windows and domes. It also helps to reduce the build up of dirt and grime on surfaces.

When applied to the exterior of a newly cleaned panel it forms a nearly invisible coating which does not change the appearance of colour or texture of the surface. With just rain and occassioan pressure wash you can keep your surface clean and clear. It also contains a permanent UV absorber to slow the rate corrosion from weathering.

SuperArmour Crystal Clear utilises recently developed chemistry to create a unique solution. It is based on a very durable Urethane Polymer which ensure a 10 year life span of the product.

  • Waterproofs porous surfaces
  • Prevents dirt pickup
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Cures at low temperature: 1°C (33F)
  • Produces a clear invisible film, surface colour is unchanged
Quart or Gallon
8.8sqm per gallon
Add the pre-measured catalyst and apply by brush, roller or spray. Only mix enough coating that can be applied in ONE hour to prevent bodying in the container. Agitate material in container periodically to prevent skinning. Clean tools with Xylene.
Drying time:
3 – 5 hours

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