Clevercoat Top Coat

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Outstanding protective coating for unpainted wood.



A solvent and alcohol free, water based non toxic coating. Gives up to 15 years protection from rot and moss build up without dangerous chemicals.

CleverCOAT wood is a two-component, all season water repellent product for the protection of all types (unpainted by polymer paints) of natural wood, plywood, chipboard and etc.

It is designed for protection decks, terraces, wooden construction, houses, fences, facades, garden furniture, saunas, flower pots, greenhouses and etc.

It is a non-toxic, water-based protective coating prepared using nanotechnology and natural dyes. Main nano component is silica penetrates into the wood and forms durable permeable/breathable surface protective coating. The protective properties are increasing after protection and reach to maximum level in about a year.

Protected surfaces effectively resist to fungi, rot, algae, spores, etc., ultraviolet irradiation, weathering, cracking and deformation of products when water ingress. Coating is produced without antiseptics, which are dangerous to human health and the environment, but it good resists to harmful insects and etc.





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