Butyl Tape 0.6mm x 75mm

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Double sided extra thin butyl tape for sealing joints, can be used with Liquid Roof.


Only 0.6mm thick leaving you with the thinnest low profile joint but still all the advantages of using butyl tape. Designed to be used with our liquid rubber coatings systems. Ideal for when you need double sided butyl tape but with a thin profile. It can be used for reinforcing over small cracks and splits and ensuring membrane edges are sealed correctly. It’s thin profile means it is less obtrusive when used for repair on caravan or motor home roofs or where appearance is important.

The smaller 5m rolls are useful when using Liquid Roof on caravans, motorhomes and RV roofs. The big 75m length rolls are more economical on flat roof refurbishing projects when you want to have extra peace of mind that the old seam of the original membrane will not break open.

This tape is very sticky and we advise wetting your scissors with solvent so that you do not get  it all stuck together and end up in a mess. You could use water, but be sure it is not on the butyl rubber tape when you try to stick it down. If you are up on a roof and can’t get to anything, good old spittle will help – but still make sure it is not on the tape that you are trying to stick down.

The tape is not UV resistant, so must be used with a top coat, in this case Liquid Roof. It is not compatible with Moisture Cure.


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