Butyl Tape 6mm x 50mm x 5m

£11.06 (inc. VAT)

5m thick butyl that completely covers vulnerable boltheads.

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Get your roof bolts sealed instantly with this thick and waterproof butyl tape. Simply cut to size and press into position around the bolt head. Combine this with Alltimes Liquid Rubber and you get the watertight seal that can stop your leak today.

  • The thick butyl is easy to press into a complete seal  around the top of the bolthead
  • Combine with Alltimes Liquid Rubber for a completely watertight and highly durable repair
  • A 5m roll will seal around 100 bolts
  • Save time with an effective patch repair as opposed to full refurbishment

Got leaking roof bolts?

You’re not alone. They’re a common weakness in older asbestos roofing as the seals degrade after years of exposure and bolt holes enlarge after relentless expansion and contraction in harsh temperatures.

Want to stop leaks ASAP?

Important: Prime surface first, then cover the bolt with the tape, and finish off with a layer of Alltimes Liquid Rubber.

For warranties on asbestos roof refurbishment projects, we insist contractors seal every bolt while coating.

Not just for a leaking asbestos roof:

  • Sealing end and side laps in steel and aluminium roofing systems
  • Metal Liner Sheeting – sealing end laps
  • Sealing rooflights and avoiding replacement fees
  • Sealing metal flashings
  • Ridge and eaves sealing in combination with foam fillers
  • Sealing penetrations to roof and wall cladding


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