Alltimes Liquid Rubber Flat Timber Roof Kit

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The go-to kit for waterproofing and protecting your timber flat roof.

roof repair kit tick Great smooth finish – no seams
roof repair kit tick Tried and tested system
roof repair kit tick Lasts longer then Bitumen 

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Our Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit is the perfect two coat system solution for your timber flat roof waterproofing needs.

It will give you years of waterproof protection thereby increasing the longevity of your roof. No need to wait till summer to get started! Our liquid rubber is applicable at lower temperatures (5°C). It’s easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. It cures to a breathable film so there’s no chance of humidity build up underneath the coating. Once cured it has excellent elasticity so copes well with normal building movement. It’s extremely UV and weather resistant so will keep your flat roof weatherproofed, watertight and protected through all seasons.

What You Need to Know:

Size: Various sizes
Coverage: 8m sq, 16m sq, 24m sq, 32m sq
Cleaning Up: You need a strong cleaning product like Xylene for cleaning tools, etc afterwards.

What’s in the kits?

Kits come in 4 sizes; 8m sq, 16m sq, 24m sq, 32m sq.
They all contain; Alltimes liquid rubber, sealant foils, reinforcing tape, polyfabric for some kits, Biocide, you can choose with or without tools and you can choose same day or next day primer.

How Do I apply It?

The kit includes everything you need for the job so you can get started! Get your roof clean and dry. You then apply the sealant to any sharp edges like joints, details or where your roof meets an upstand. You should then stick the reinforcement tape over any joints in the roof. You then have a choice of Same Day or Next Day Primer depending on how quickly you apply the top coat. The Alltimes Same Day Primer is fully cured in 3 to 4 hours (top coat must be applied within 8 hours). Our Alltimes Next Day Primer gives you longer time frame and is fully cured in 24 hours but with a 5 day window to apply your top coat. Once primed apply your first layer or the liquid rubber and then once dried apply your second coat of the liquid rubber.


This product is suitable for many flat roof substrates including fibreglassbitumen, felt and asphaltEPDM, other membranes and PVC with the relevant primers.
6 Kg and 15 Kg tins
8m sq, 16m sq, 24m sq, 32m sq
Get the surface clean and dry. Apply sealant to any sharp edges, eg joints and details. Apply tape over joints. Prime roof. Apply first coat of liquid rubber,once dry apply second coat of liquid rubber


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1. Clean and dry surface thoroughly

2. Apply PU Joint Sealant at all sharp join angles to create a small fillet.

3. Prime the roof with Alltimes Same Day or Next Day Primer.

4. Apply the reinforcing tape over all joints

5. Apply Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing for Flat Roofs in two coats allowing the first coat to dry first.

Coverage rate: 1.5 kg per sq m

Minimum total consumption: 1.5kg per sqm

Form: Viscous coloured liquid

Pack size: 6kg and 15kg

Shelf life: 12 months

Application temperature limits: 5°C to 35°C

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