Alltimes Liquid Rubber for Asbestos

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Follow our guidance and be sure of a leak free roof including capillary action up overlaps.


Highly UV and weather resistant, our Alltimes Liquid Rubber is an excellent two coat system for your asbestos roof repair jobs. It’s many benefits include:

  • Years of waterproof protection that can increase roof life and avoid disposal costs

  • Excellent adhesion and UV resistance

  • No risk of humidity building up under the coating as it cures as a breathable film

  • Worry free waterproofing with a 40°C extreme cold resistance

  • Applicable at low temperatures (5°C)


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How much Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing you will need for your asbestos roof will depend on the substrate and the size.

We have worked out a rough guide to help you. Due to steep sides of corrugation apply in two coats to reduce runs.

10m² roof – 2L Primer – 15kg Alltimes Liquid Rubber

50m² roof – 10L Primer – 75kg Alltimes Liquid Rubber

100m² roof – 20L Primer – 150kg Alltimes Liquid Rubber

Corrugated Sheets Guide (a typical Big 6 profile, other profiles will be less or more)

The corrugation of the sheets will add about 25% onto the final surface area, measure the size of your roof and add on 25% to ensure you have enough material to give you a full coating.

Sealant must be applied to all end and side laps to stop wind or capillary action. A primer must be applied first. The Alltimes Liquid Rubber must then be applied in two coats. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second.

Coverage: 0.75kg per coat, 2 coats required.

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