Alltimes Liquid Rubber Flat PVC Roof Repair Kit

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The go-to kit for larger flat roof repairs. This Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit has everything you need to protect and waterproof your flat roof.

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Our Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit is the perfect two coat system solution for your PVC flat roof repair jobs. It will give you years of waterproof protection thereby increasing the longevity of your roof. No need to wait till summer to get started! Our liquid rubber is applicable at lower temperatures (5°C). It’s easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. It cures to a breathable film so there’s no chance of humidity build up underneath the coating. Once cured it has excellent elasticity so copes well with normal building movement. It’s extremely UV and weather resistant so will keep your flat roof weatherproofed, watertight and protected through all seasons.

The kit includes everything you need for the job so you can get started! Preparation is key and our Biocide – a powerful biocide solution cleaner – will ensure your roof is fully prepped for repairs and coating. The primer cures within an hour so it’s ready quickly for you to apply your top coat.

This product is suitable for many flat roof substrates including fibreglass, EPDM, other membranes and timber with the relevant primers.

Various (see coverage options below)
8sqm, 16sqm, 24sqm, 32sqm
Get the surface clean and dry. Prime, apply sealants to any sharp angles, gaps or cracks, then apply a coat of the liquid rubber. Embed polyfabric over any joints for extra reinforcement.

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