Alltimes Liquid Rubber Flat PVC Roof Repair Kit

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The go-to kit for larger flat roof repairs. This Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit has everything you need to protect and waterproof your flat roof.

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Our Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit is the perfect two coat system solution for your PVC flat roof repair jobs. It will give you years of waterproof protection thereby increasing the longevity of your roof. No need to wait till summer to get started! Our liquid rubber is applicable at lower temperatures (5°C). It’s easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. It cures to a breathable film so there’s no chance of humidity build up underneath the coating. Once cured it has excellent elasticity so copes well with normal building movement. It’s extremely UV and weather resistant so will keep your flat roof weatherproofed, watertight and protected through all seasons.

The kit includes everything you need for the job so you can get started! Preparation is key and our Biocide – a powerful biocide solution cleaner – will ensure your roof is fully prepped for repairs and coating. The primer cures within an hour so it’s ready quickly for you to apply your top coat.

This product is suitable for many flat roof substrates including fibreglass, EPDM, other membranes and timber with the relevant primers.

Various (see coverage options below)
8sqm, 16sqm, 24sqm, 32sqm
Get the surface clean and dry. Prime, apply sealants to any sharp angles, gaps or cracks, then apply a coat of the liquid rubber. Embed polyfabric over any joints for extra reinforcement.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the roof – Wash the roof with a minimum 3000 psi pressure washer and remove all dirt and debris. Measure 50 parts ISO A Clean to one part water and apply to the roof. Leave the A Clean overnight to completely kill off moss and algae spores. Rinse off the following morning.
  2. Prepare and repair the roof – Angle fillets using the AT Sealant should be present to all 90° angles before priming. Once the roof is completely clean and dry, inspect the surface for blisters, cracks and damaged areas. Make all repairs necessary to the roof surface after priming, using the AT Sealant if required. Any blisters in the roof membrane should be star cut, dried out and resealed. All joints between Timber Boards should be taped prior to applying the top coat. New concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 28 days before application. All joints between PVC Sheets should be taped prior to applying the top coat.
  3. Prime the roof – Before starting, ensure the roof is completely dry as any moisture can affect adhesion. Apply AT Next day Primer at a coverage of 0.1gr / sqm. You can apply the primer with either a roller or professional sprayer. If spraying, use an appropriately sized airless sprayer The AT PVC Primer will cure within 1 hours and a top coat must be applied immediately.
  4. Top coat application – Apply in an even and controlled strokes using a sprayer or roller. Ensure surface temperature remains between 5°C – 40°C throughout curing time. Mixing: Mix the solution in the tin using a low speed (300 rpm) mixer. Spaying the Coating: For spraying, add 5-10% of Alltimes Solvent and use an airless sprayer (200 250 bar). Coverage: Apply in one or two coats with the following coverage;
    First coat: 0.75 kg / sqm Second coat; 0.75 kg/ sqm Total consumption: 1.5 kg

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