Alltimes Liquid Rubber Asbestos Roof Kits

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Excellent adhesion, durability and resistance to cold make this liquid rubber the perfect long term solution for leaking roofs.


High weather and UV resistance make this an excellent two coat system. Alltimes Rubber Roofing also has many other benefits:

  • Years of waterproof protection that can increase roof life and avoid disposal costs

  • Long term reliability due to excellent adhesion and UV resistance

  • Breathable film, eliminating the risk of humidity under the coating

  • Worry free waterproofing with a 40°C extreme cold resistance

  • Moisture Cured, so can be applied at low temperatures (5°C)

  • Handles normal building movement with a high elasticity


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Sealant must be applied to all end and side laps to stop wind or capillary action. A primer must be applied first. The Alltimes Liquid Rubber must then be applied in two coats. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second.

Coverage: 0.75kg per coat, 2 coats required.

– Clean the roof using the ISO A clean. Mix the A Clean at a ratio of 1:50 and apply. The longer you leave it on the more effective it is.
– Apply the rust converter to any bolts or fixings that are corroded.
– Apply sealant to any cracks, gaps, end and side laps.
– Prime the roof (If using the Same day primer the roof should be ready for coating in approx in a few hours, it must be dry. Do not leave it longer than 8 hours to top coat. If using the Next Day Primer the roof will be ready for coating in 24 hours but must be coated within 5 days. If it rains before being top coated another layer will need to be applied)
– Apply Re-inforced Rubber over fixings and bolts (you do not need to wait for this to dry before you apply the top coat)
– The first top coat can then be applied. This must be dry before you apply the second top coat.

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