When it comes to your walls and surfaces, you want the best protection from the best products.

Here we give you not only the best products, but the quickest and easiest to use for treating penetrating damp!


Based on the latest nano-technology, this invisible treatment actively rebuilds your surface’s original colour and look, and protects it from frost damage and penetrating damp for up to ten years.

The reasons to SAY YES to Hydroblock:

  • Easily treat penetrating damp with a single breathable treatment
  • Reduces frost damage from cracking masonry by keeping walls dry
  • Invisible protection that enhances the current look and style
  • Self cleaning, meaning surfaces use the rain to clean themselves
  • Masonry stays brighter and healthier for longer
  • Reduces growth of moss, algae, and lichens
  • High coverage rate of 5m² per L
  • Up to 10 years protection

ISO Dry Creme Extreme

Proven to quickly stop penetrating damp; This market leading product has a creamy appearance, turning invisible once applied, making it very easy to use. Iso Dry Creme Extreme is based on the latest nano technology, consisting of very small particles which penetrate the surface, building a very strong chemical bond to concrete and other mineral materials.

The reasons to SAY YES to ISO Dry Creme Extreme:

  • It’s suitable for both new and old mineral surfaces
  • Treat penetrating damp and prevent frost damage after just one application
  • Invisible protection that’s easy to apply due to a creamy consistency
  • Effective on many mineral surfaces such as plaster, concrete, limestone and more
  • Self cleaning so maintenance costs are lowered
  • Penetrates very deeply into the material for proper adhesion
  • Keeps walls dry to ensure insulation properties of the masonry
  • Up to 25 years protection


Scientifically engineered to cover and protect surfaces from weather, UV radiation, oil, fat and many other substances, this product is perfect for pool areas, facades, concrete elements, shopping areas and all other thinkable mineral surfaces.

The reasons to SAY YES to ProCover:

  • Get brighter, drier and cleaner surfaces that enhance patios, driveways and block paving
  • No frost damage causing permanent cracks in your outside areas
  • Highly versatile, so will protect virtually any mineral surface, from patios to shopping precincts
  • Water, dirt, and stain repellent, making surfaces attractive and easy to clean
  • Simple spray or roll application that’s pet and enviroment friendly
  • Oil resistant so ideal for block paving driveways — no ugly car oil stains
  • Reduce cleaning cost by turning your paving into self cleaning surfaces
  • Improves strength and durability of your patios, meaning no expensive replacement fees