How to make flat roof repair as easy as possible. Overseal 5 and 10 are roof sealant systems that can not only fix your (or your customers’) leaks, but also maintains and extends the life of your roof. They’re designed to be easy to apply, and still have the high durability that you need for complete waterproofing.

Quick and easy felt roof repair

Engineered for ease, Overseal 5 and 10 go straight on a felt or asphalt roof. There’s no primer, and no awkward reinforcing matting. This could half your application time, as you’re not wasting hours shifting matting into place or waiting for your primer to dry. It could also save you money. Why buy two solutions when one does the job just as well? You get a watertight roof that shields you, your family or employees from the heaviest of rains.

Top ten reasons to use the Overseal roof sealant

  1. Air cured, so no need for a catalyst or hot works licence. After cleaning the roof you just roll the solution on
  2. Repair your roof in low temperatures with a 0ºC – 40ºC application temperature range
  3. Instantly waterproof, so you only need a short weather window to apply it. Get the repair done when you need it
  4. Extend the life of your roof without forking out thousands of pounds for a new one
  5. Get a 5 year guarantee after just one application of Overseal 5
  6. No primer, saving you time and material cost. Contractors, this makes you more competitive
  7. No need for reinforcing matt, speeding the job up
  8. No surface skinning and a shelf life of 12 months, a perfect solution to keep close to hand for roofs that need a quick and reliable repair
  9. Contractors, outdo the competition by providing a 5 or 10 year coating system at the best possible price
  10. Smart investment in the future of any felt or asphalt roof. When others have to replace, yours could still be watertight and durable

Overseal 5 roof coating:

A system that can waterproof your roof for at least the next 5 years, after just a single roll-on application.

Overseal 10 roof coating:

10 year system that’s complete in two coats: a base layer and top coat, and still doesn’t need a primer or reinforcing matting.

Overseal is not self-terminating, so an MMA terminator is needed in some circumstances. Such as where the flashing will not cover the edges of the new membrane.

Contractors, get the system that makes flat roof repair easy

Yes, it’s super easy to use. But does that mean it’s not as durable? Absolutely not. The Overseal systems are tough and long lasting solutions that both you and your customer will love. We’re so confident that they’ll work for you that we include a 5 or 10 year product guarantee. Plus, there’s no surface skinning in the tins, so you could use half a tin and keep the rest for a future roof. Stock up now to take advantage of 20% off offer. You get a roof to be proud of, after just a simple and easy application.

Commercial building owners, get your flat roof repaired now

Buy Overseal 5 or 10 now and give the system to your roofing contractor. We can give them all the help and guidance they need, and we’re at the end of a phone when they get up on your roof. Or, easier still, get in touch to get an approved Alltimes Coatings contractor that specialises in industrial roof repair in your area.

Overseal 5 and 10 can waterproof your roof without the need of costly primers or time consuming reinforcing matting. And they still give you a highly durable roof that’ll protect you from the British weather for years to come.