Dealerships and garages charge a premium price to waterproof your leaking motorhome roof. Plus there’s the expense of getting it there, and on top of that you lose your beloved vehicle for days or weeks.

Liquid Roof Instantly Seals Your Motorhome Roof

Water damage can wreck the inside of your motorhome. Your electrics are ruined and soft furnishings have to be thrown away. Then there’s the cost to your holiday plans. Nobody wants to cancel a trip away because of a small leak. It’s frustrating when something so simple and easy to fix keeps you grounded at home.

After a single application of Liquid Roof, the world is back open to you. Designed with the unique formula of EPDM rubber, this coating is a durable long-life alternative to motorhome roof replacement. It can handle intense UV rays and has the flexibility to stay waterproof in extremes of temperature. In short, it’s potentially the ultimate roof coating, and it’s now available for your motorhome.

The Complete Motorhome Roof Repair, from a Tin

Liquid Roof is designed with ease in mind. A simple three stage process and your roof is waterproof. First off, prepare the surface of your motorhome, then mix a liquid catalyst into the tin of Liquid Roof, and brush onto your roof. So long as it’s above 12ºC wherever you’re applying it, the rubber you coat on as a liquid will harden into a solid membrane. Learn more about application on our partner site with How to Apply Liquid Roof to Your Motorhome or RV.

The Motorhome Roof Repair Kits

Liquid Roof is exclusive to us, and we’ve made the process as straightforward as possible.

  • Easy one coat application. Just brush or roller the liquid on and the job is done
  • Kits include all the material you need, plus a reinforcing fabric for repairs
  • Save money– Liquid Roof is designed so motorhome owners can do DIY waterproofing
  • Save time– Keep your motorhome in your driveway or garage, anywhere above 12ºC
  • Highly durable, long-life repair from just a simple application
  • Easy maintenance now could save you from expensive roof repair costs in the future

“Our roof was in such bad shape before we realised it, that we ended up with a completely soaked through bed. After researching different products, we decided to use Liquid Roof. The instructions were simple enough and it only took about 2 hours to apply the liquid roof. The next day, it rained and the roof got put to the test. We checked inside and there was no moisture at all. The water beaded up on the roof. What a relief. So far we are extremely happy with the results.”

-Amanda L.