ISO Paint Nordic has re-launched its product range into the UK today, in partnership with protective coating expert, Alltimes Coatings, who will be sole UK distributor for the award winning product range.

The news follows the announcement that ISO Paint’s product ClimateCooler Catalyst has just been named as a 2015 top 100 sustainable product.

The company ISO Paint Nordic based in Denmark has over 45 years of experience in producing, developing and marketing roof and façade paints with incredible qualities and results. One product – their Silicone Facade paint – has been used on both The White House on Capitol Hill and the Kremlin. Most products in its range will be available to UK customers.

Nigel Alltimes, MD, Alltimes Coatings commented:

“The ISO product range utilises the latest Nano technology (particles that are one millionth of a millimetre) which offer some truly unique qualities, that we’ve not seen before in other paint based products.

“They make roofs and walls look like new and provide significant energy savings that can keep roof spaces cool, protect homes from the elements, keep buildings clean and deliver impressive insulation properties, all from just a paint.”

Not only is ISO Paints’ ClimateCooler Catalyst a 2015 top 100 sustainable product, but it is one of only ten building products to receive the recognition. The study undertaken by the organisation Sustainia covers over 1500 projects and businesses across six continents.

The roof and façade paint (ClimateCooler Catalyst) reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays – reducing surface temperature by 30%, and breaks down harmful nitrogen oxides through built in catalysers and the use of UV light and humidity.

The Clarion Hotel in Copenhagen achieved a 10% reduction in their annual energy bill after its application, equivalent to a payback time of less than 2 years, and saved 27 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Nigel expects HydroBlock to perform particularly well in the UK market because it’s designed to perform well in wet climates: “With water and frost being the main cause of damage to brick and stone facades the objective is to keep water out of building materials while at the same time allowing moisture and air to pass through. HydroBlock can completely waterproof walls, while still allowing them to breathe.”

Specialist Roofing Contractor, Prothos Services, has been specialising in commercial and residential roof restoration. Tom Swainson, Director at Prothos commented on the news.

“We’re really pleased to be able to get hold of the ISO Paint products again, direct from a specialist. There is a big market in the UK for products that can extend the lifecycle of a building, protect it from the elements and reduce building maintenance costs. Isonit has the most natural colours compared to other brands we’ve used, jobs we completed five years ago still look the same today, it is definitely the best roof paint we have ever used.”