Now, easy long-term waterproofing: ISO Dry Creme Extreme seals your brickwork or masonry from the inside

Imagine if your brickwork had the ability to repel water, leaving you with a dry, healthy looking property for years to come. You could watch the relentless rain and storms try and break in to your building, knowing that water will simply bounce off the surface. Your home, office or workspace will be safe and dry inside, along with your valuable furnishings, computers and work machinery. Water is left to bead on the surface, unable to soak through. Coating experts have used the latest technology to achieve just this.

More than just a brick sealant

Unlike regular coating systems, that sit on the outside of your walls and roofs, ISO Dry Creme is an impregnation. Learn more about impregnations here. It penetrates the brickwork using nano-technology and remains up to 17mm inside of your building, giving your bricks hydrophobic qualities. Your walls keep dry and so you don’t have to worry about frost damage or penetrating damp. It’s also breathable, so moisture can escape in a vapour form. You’re not only protecting your building, but also its future.

Stop damp and rain penetration for up to 25 years – after just one application

ISO Dry delves below the surface of your building and chemically bonds to concrete and other mineral materials. The result is that your bricks are sealed, and your property becomes waterproof. You probably know just how destructive damp can be, not only to your property, but also to your family’s or employees’ health. Check out this NHS article on damp and mould. ISO Dry not only prevents mould immediately, but it can retain its unique qualities for up to 25 years. Get in touch to learn more about how long it could last in your surface. Plus, it only takes one application to protect your building for years to come.

How ISO Dry compares to regular brick sealants

Other solutions require multiple layers, meaning you have to wait for the first to dry and then do the whole process all over again. With ISO Dry, the job is done in one pass. Brush it on just once, and it waterproofs your brickwork for years to come. This not only saves you time, but also material cost– you need only buy one tin, not two or three.

More than just dry walls: a better looking (and protected) property

Finally, a way to enhance your building’s long-term appearance, without just using paint. Imagine that you and your neighbour’s property were built around the same time, and have been maintained in the same way. With one big difference: years of dirt and moisture have built up and discoloured your neighbour’s building, eventually degrading the surface and causing penetrating damp. Whereas your property was protected by ISO Dry, which has been repelling water from your brickwork for years. Your building looks like new, and you can carry on as usual, while others face costly cleaning and repair bills.