Specialist block paving sealer treatment

ProCover uses the latest coating technology to make cleaning your block paving as quick and easy as possible. As an impregnation, you can now use ProCover to get below the surface protection for your driveway and paving areas.

  • No frost damage, so no wasting money on new paving slabs
  • Oil resistant, perfect for protecting your driveway from engine oil
  • Keep paving looking bright and clean, ensuring your property looks its best
  • Self cleaning qualities make your property easier to clean
  • Environmentally friendly. No special precautions are necessary before application
  • Invisible protection, so your paving is preserved
  • Single application is all that’s needed, meaning minimal product cost
  • Easy to apply, built for speedy industrial applications
  • Breathable and allows moisture to escape as vapour

Not just another block paving sealer

Unlike paving sealants on the market, ProCover penetrates below the surface of your paving and chemically bonds with the particles inside. It’s actually an impregnation, not a sealer. Learn more about impregnations here. In short, ProCover shares its qualities with your paving blocks. One of those qualities is hydrophobia, meaning your property is turned water resistant. Liquid cannot break through, so harmlessly beads on top. The result is that your paving is not damaged by water, so remains bright and clean for longer. Even thick black motor oil can’t stain the surface.

Self cleaning paving sealer

As liquid cannot get past the surface, it’s left to bead on top or more likely wash away. No more dark soaked paving stones for days and days. As rain washes itself away it takes grime and dirt with it, effectively cleaning the surface of your paving. Stains cannot take a hold of the surface, and can be easily washed away. Even fats and wine won’t soak in. Once applied, you can rely on your paving to protect itself from frost damage and stains, meaning no more getting on your hands and knees to scrub off a BBQ stain.

Our guide on how to clean block paving

Wash surface with a jet wash, taking care to remove leaves and debris. Remove stains and wait to dry.
Apply ProCover with a brush of garden weed sprayer, aiming for a coverage of 5m/L. Allow up to a week to get the full effect of the impregnation.

Maintenance of ProCover treated paving blocks

ProCover can look after itself. No costly paving block replacement due to frost damage, and no repetitive scrubbing of stubborn stains. Cleaning is now easier and dirt finds it hard to cling to the surface, and is easily washed away. Even oil stains can simply be swept away with water. Less cleaning means you can spend more time doing what you really want to.