Our professional products are carefully sourced, tried and tested to make sure they are the best on the market. From asbestos, to fibreglass, our specialist solutions will waterproof and protect.

You can repair your flat roof, motorhome roof or asbestos garage sheet yourself – you just need the right product for the job. And the right expert recommendations.

Still not sure which product is best for you?

Just give us a call, we offer free guidance and recommendations on your project, whatever the size.

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Whether you’ve got a leak in your flat roof, a crack in your fibreglass or tiles that need weatherproofing we have an professional product that can fix it. Our range of expert solutions cover all types of jobs and give outstanding longevity and waterproofing protection.

Our carefully selected range of quality products offer the best in the industry, delivered to your doorstep in 1 to 2 working days. They come in convenient kits with all the tools and accessories already conveniently included or as stand alone products to buy individually. Whatever your weatherproofing problem, our liquid coatings, sealants and protective paints will prevent leaks and preserve your property through all weathers.

If you need asbestos roof repair then look no further.

So much better than any old tin off the shelf at your local DIY store, our asbestos repair products and butyl tapes are professional quality and will give you a repair that lasts. We know each and every asbestos repair coating and asbestos repair butyl tape inside out so if you’re not sure if it will stick, or if it’s not right for your issue then all you have to do is ask.

For flat roof repair kits and flat roof coatings we are the experts.

We have a small but specifically chosen range of products that when applied correctly will out perform anything else you can buy off the shelf.
Can you restore your fibreglass roof yourself? Yes you can with our GRP Restoration Coat.
Can you patch repair a felt flat roof? Yes you can with our Instant Felt Roof Repair.
Can you effectively cover a hole in an asbestos roof? Yes you can with our super easy to apply Speedpatch.

If you need a caravan roof sealant we’ve got the best coating in the market.

Much more than a motorhome roof paint, our liquid rubber EPDM goes on like a paint but cures to tough yet smooth finish. Incredibly popular with our motorhome and caravan owning customers, it gives your vehicle a new roof.

Our specialist impregnations will deliver masonry waterproofing and brick waterproofing like nothing else on the market.

Waterproofing exterior brick walls?

We have specialist breathable brick sealer and brick waterproofing products using the latest nano-technology. So much more than a damp sealant paint, our penetrating damp treatment impregnations will not only protect your masonry but restore it at the same time.

If you’re thinking about painting your walls and need an exterior paint…

Our Silicone Facade Paint is the best quality exterior house paint available in the UK. A Scandinavian product, it not only looks fantastic but thanks to its breathable technology will protect your walls from frost damage and penetrating damp.

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At last, a long lasting, but very fast repair to an asphalt or felt roof AND it’s invisible on mineral felt.

Fed up with using acry-this and poly-that which you know will fail? Alltimes Instant Felt Roof Repair is the answer.

The kit comprises of Alltimes BxP – a single component liquid waterproofing membrane –  and a bag of green mineral. They couldn’t be easier to use. Simply cut out the bubbled or loose felt to where it is still adhered. Clean out the bad area now exposed and ensure it is dry. Pour in the Alltimes PxB. Level out with a brush or spatula and sprinkle over the minerals.
The kit contains enough product to repair 3m2, exact coverage obtained will depend on the circumstances.

TIP: If you have some product left in the can after use, cover the liquid with plastic and press down firmly to protect from the air. When you need to use it again, you simply remove the layer of cured product and you are ready to go again! This will allow you to use it agin after a few days. Any longer and it will get such a tough skin that you will struggle to get through with a Stanley Knife.

5kg tin
2kg per m2
Cut away any loose felt, clean area and allow to dry. Pour in coating, level with brush then sprinkle on mineral

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