Asbestos Roof Repair Kits and Roof Coatings

Whether it’s a crack repair for your asbestos garage roof or a full waterproof coating that you’re looking for, we’ve got the right kit for you. Our products are tried and tested and used by industry professionals.

If you have a domestic garage or shed, you don’t need to pay for the expensive option of removing the roof and having the Asbestos taken away by licenced carriers. And you don’t always need to overclad an asbestos roof if repair is still an option. Provided you can get safe access, we can supply the specialist products you need to fully and safely clean, repair and waterproof your asbestos roof. You will get complete detailed instructions on how to apply our products to ensure your roof stays problem free for years.

You can buy all our products individually as well as in kits.

Remember to follow the HSE guidelines for working with asbestos roof repairs at all times.

Asbestos Roof Repair kits

Seal Bolts and Fixings

Seal over bolts and make them watertight

Repair Cracks

Flexible butyl rubber and tough PVC cover to fix cracks for good

Repair Cracks and Coat to Seal the Area

Repair cracks and coat to seal around the area for fuller protection and waterproofing


Seal holes with easy to apply, hard curing Speedpatch

Repair from Inside

Adhesive sealant to repair cracks from the inside

Asbestos roof coating kits

10+ year coating

Cost-effective and durable coating system in range of colours

20+ year coating

Industrial quality, long lasting liquid rubber coating system