Why Liquid Rubber is THE answer to re coating your old EPDM flat roof

1) Two flat roof materials made to go together

Liquid Rubber EPDM is not only built from the same chemistry as it’s big brother EPDM, it’s nearly identical in design. This means you get the 50+ years of EPDM heritage, but in a liquid that cures to form a seamless tough membrane. Customers recognise the EPDM name and the prestige and durability that comes with it, making it easier to persuade quotes that your system is the best.

2) Minimum preparation

No primer required, so you only need to prepare the Liquid Rubber. This is designed to be straightforward. Simply add the pre-weighed catalyst to the tin and stir with a drill. Once all mixed in, you’re ready to go.

3) Easy application

You can apply Liquid Rubber roof straight onto EPDM rubber sheets, waterproofing the roof and leaving all vulnerable seams coated and protected for years to come. No awkward reinforcing matting covering the whole roof and no primer to mix. Simply apply butyl tape onto the EPDM seams. This makes application as quick and easy as possible, freeing you up for other jobs.

4) As durable as EPDM rubber roofing

  • Withstands ponding water, so no need to worry about continuous downpours
  • Remains flexible in temperature extremes, unlike other coatings that embrittle in freezing conditions
  • Excellent adhesion to EPDM sheets
  • Highly resistant to UV rays, so won’t degrade over time
  • Instantly waterproof

5) Save money on flat roof repair

Unlike the competition, you don’t need a primer, or reams of reinforcing matting. Waterproofing around upstands and details are easy, and there’s no need to buy any other expensive materials. A faster job also means less time needed on site, so scaffolding and edge protection hire times can reduced.

6) Win quotes with respected EPDM rubber roofing heritage

Every time you speak to a potential customer or visit a roof to give a quote, you’ve got the trusted heritage of EPDM rubber backing you up. Liquid Rubber is the only true chemically cured EPDM in liquid form, and exclusive to Alltimes Coatings (that’s us) in the UK. This means you can turn up on site with a unique product that’ll give you the edge over the competition.

7) A liquid rubber roof means call backs are unlikely

Move on with other projects and don’t worry about being called back to handle a leak. EPDM’s high reliability means you should only have to visit a site once. Not only is the new rubber membrane extremely durable, but you’ve removed all vulnerabilities with a liquid solution. This means significantly lower chances of a leak, so you can concentrate on getting the lucrative jobs you want the most.